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Have you ever seen a 4-time World Champion Hoop Dancer?

For those who may have missed it in the Blog, here are the pics from the C4 Retreat

"Go Saguaro, Go Saguaro. FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!"

Check out the pics from James and Jennifer's wedding!

Like any of the videos I have on here?  Well, now you can embed them into your own website or myspace! Check out the video section for details

"... its pretty much my favorite video." But for real, you gotta check this out.

I did another Time Lapse video. Check it out in the Video section.

Attempting to move my new photo's to Apple's iWeb program. This will also give me cool blogging capabilities! Mac's rule!

Road Trip to Sedona

Iowa, sweet sweet Iowa (YES I have been there!)

Saguaro Graduation, Class of 2006

" 'PC Load Letter', what the *#$% does that mean?!" (pics and video)

Stations of the Cross in Yarnell, AZ

The newest addition to the family, Geraldine.

ASU Lady Devil's Basketball

Shooting old guns at Ben Avery.

Northeast Deanery Retreat 2006

Division 4A Girls Basketball Championship Game

St Mathew's Benefit Dinner (or just pictures of Andrew performing)

St Mathew's Confirmation Retreat

Website for my Grandma.

A couple websites for sunrise and sunset pictures

OLPH Confirmation Retreat Pictures

Mr. Saguaro

Nashville/ Passion Conference/ Country Music Hall of Fame

WYD 2005 Pictures

The place to find out what kind of crazy things I'm trying on my computer.

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Saguaro Baseball Photo Library


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