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Last updated 11/04/2004

Preliminary FEA - top of cooling block

Preliminary FEA - bottom of cooling block

Modified Heatsink - bottom w/ cooling block (red spots are CPU locations)

Modified Heatsink - top w/ cooling block

Plexiglas scale prototype showing the channel layout

Plexiglas prototype bare

this is the actual radiator that was made from 1/2" copper pipe.  All the fittings were soldered on and then leak tested at 40 PSI. 

plexiglas reservior to store the water

heatsink with water flowing. 

radiator plugged into the system

Entire systems checking for leaks.  I let the system run like this for a week straight to see if any leaks would occur.  One drop would fall from where the hose connected to the radiator, but was fixed with a thicker tubing to allow a tighter clamping force.

MOV file of how well it cools.

This is the installation of the system.  The metal grate next to all the plugs in the back had to be cut to allow the hoses to pass through.  Would be able to pass them through the second CD bay but I didn't want to lose my second burner.

This is a final picture of what it looks like from the outside.  Currently, I don't even have a fan for the radiator and it still took over 2 hours for the temp to stabalizer.  This is partially due to the fact that I have about a gallon of water running through the system.  The CPU temp seems to have stabalized around 130, which is down a little from where I was.  With a fan or two on the radiator, that should drop another 5 degrees I would expect. 

So here is one of the last things I'm going to do to my water cooling system.  I added two 60 mm fans to the radiator to help remove heat from the system.  When I shutdown to install the fans, the temp was at 131, once I turned it back on with the fans it stabilized around 123, eight degrees cooler then before.  The two fans were somewhat noisy, so I wired them in series instead of parallel and slowed down the speed.  Now my computer is extra cool and pretty quiet.




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