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Feb. 12th 2006:

August 11, 2006:

August 10, 2006:

July 24, 2006:

July 23, 2006:

July 21, 2006:

June 7, 2006:

April 29, 2006:

March 31, 2006:

Jan 12, 2006:

See what happens when little Johnny wants ALL 7 Sacraments

Here is the video from the Tuesday Cubs vs. D'Backs game where I got the homerun ball. Sorry, Krista, for diving on ya!

Here is the Chicago Time lapse with music and some mild effects.

This turned out good. (time lapse 5)

This turned out good. Glad I got some money shots in there. (time lapse 4)

This time lapse is about 4 hours of time. I love how you see the creation of the clouds. Also interesting to see the different layers of clouds going different directions. (time lapse 3)

2nd Time Lapsed video. Too bad I missed the huge dust storm right before

'PC Load Letter', what the *#$% does that mean?!

1st shot at Time Lapsed photography

My brother as Mr. Saguaro

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7 Sacraments

Cubs vs. D'Backs

Chicago Time Lapse

Time Lapse 5

Time Lapse 4

Time Lapse 3

Time Lapse 2

PC Load Letter?!

Time Lapse 1

Mr Saguaro

All my time lapse photography is done with my Nikon D50 on a tripod (thanks Adri's Dad!).  Most are taken about 4 per minute then pieced together with video software. 

"you have your ubulus muscle, which connects to the upper dorsimus. It's boring, but, its part of my life."

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